Lou Cafe&Bistro Arcadium

Location Ankara, Turkey
  • Bemse Group
year 2019
Category Retail
Designer Neowe
Visualization By Neowe

Lou Cafe & Bistro brings the fusion of Cuban Colonial architecture with a dash of comtemporary elements. The design needed to contain a strong splash of color, together with an eclectic style that could reflect brand identity without being conventional. The use of features such as columns and arches, together with colorful patterns made of mosaic tiles and an overwhelming incorporation of exotic plants remind us Havana atmosphere.

Cuban Colonial architecture gives chance to rediscover the destination's past glory from the previous eras and layered interiors highlight the beauty of its imperfections left by time.The main design challenge was to give the same feeling in a brand new structure and capture a dramatic visual contrast between contemporary elements and cuban inspired interwoven shell.Layers of material and lighting bring the concept through the textural surfaces.

Custom textured cladding represents the colonnaded porches of Havana.The brand signature wallpaper infuses with the patterned facade and enhances the identity with plantings and green tiles.Pink color venetian plaster becomes the background for the nature which takes over the walls.Wooden ceiling covers the whole area and enhance the texture.The intricate detailing,layered surfaces and custom materials make customers feel the caribbean flavors.

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