Jewelry Atelier

Location Ankara, Turkey
  • Confidential
year 2021
Category Residential
Designer Neowe
Vizualization By Neowe

The atelier located in the most popular area in the city. This exclusive jewelry shop serves high-end products and luxurious experience for its clients. In order to balance the limited area and the large quantity of available jewelry, a variety of display unit opportunities are chosen. Flat cabinets, drawers, and windows were placed to provide enough space for presenting each piece. The brand’s signature designs intertwined within the area: Golden necklaces, diamond earrings, and gem pieces displaying inside small built-in niches. The environment has designed far differently from the regular traditional jewelry stores and by this, it creates an artistic and modern impact. Space turns into an entire display unit where every design element’s exhibited as pieces of jewelry. The project layout is very clear for user circulations that hints privacy levels of each function area to the customers – the exposal sales areas to private lounges.

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