Lou Cafe&Bistro Cankaya

Location Ankara, Turkey
  • Bemse Group
year 2018
Category Restaurant
Designer Neowe
Contractor Neowe
Photographed By Fethi Magara

Neowe’s popular transformation of the office building in Yapı Kredi Koray Building, is considered as the go-to place in the city. Juxtaposition of an office building and the nature surrounding the area formed the fundamental of the design process. All facets of the building, including the materials palette, fuse Cuban Colonial Architecture with contemporary elements that has long been at the heart of Lou Cafe Bistro. The brand's signature materials, including rich green tones of handmade ceramics, pink venetian stucco wall paints and geometric custom design wall sconces, infuse the space with the aesthetics of the brand. The details are to be discovered through the experience itself, revealing an undeniable connection between the design and the nature.

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