Destereci Bakery

Location Tekirdağ, Turkey
  • Confidential
year 2021
Category Restaurant
Designer Neowe
Vizualization By Neowe

Destereci is one of Tekirdağ's most famous and oldest bakeries – since 1948. The brand is evolving for advancing its product lines, customer network, and branches. Neowe was tasked to design their newest store in the heart of the vibrant and youthful street of the city. Though the space was extremely limited, the brand asked to have a strong identity with the facade and interior. The multiple-storeyed building will serve multiple purposes for the new concept of the brand. The main entrance would be their traditional bakery and patisserie sales point. The mezzanine and terrace floors embody seating and coffee bar units for the locals. Vivid gradients and soft textures that express the quality and color of the bakery are spread both inside and outside the store. It expresses the soft charm of the bakery itself and allows the customer to feel the world of the brand with their entire body. The interior and exterior walls are rendered in a textured material that has been painted with an earthy and pastel hue, like the crust of fresh bakery goods.

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