Karakaya Headquarters

Location Ankara, Turkey
  • Karakaya
year 2021
Category Office
Designer Neowe
Vizualization By Neowe

Karakaya Headquarters in Turkey, located in Officium in the center of Ankara, consists of three-floor levels. The client’s request was not only to satisfy the functions but also to realize the characteristics and quality of the firm’s identity in the space. Further supporting the wellbeing and comfort of employees, and ensuring that the layout of each floor provided everyone with access to natural daylight. The design scheme aligns with Karakaya’s vision for expansion, while also adhering to emerging workplace trends within the current environment. While keeping the main design elements along with the common spaces constant, the two main chairman offices were styled highly individualized with totally different materials and colors. The use of clean lines, simple finishes, and minimalistic design allows the co-owners to display their art collection throughout the space, showcasing their unique personality and brand.

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