Kitchen Set

Location Ankara, Turkey
  • Confidential
year 2021
Category Residential
Designer Neowe
Vizualization By Neowe

Bemse Group prepares to launch its own digital network and Neowe created 4 different kitchen concepts for the company. Each concept has its own architectural style, material, and colors. The first kitchen is differentiated with its emerald green color which paired with brass and white. The second kitchen is rustic and the Mediterranean style interior is emphasized. Natural materials and soft daylight enhance the perfect country home feeling. The third kitchen is the modern architectural style. Clean and minimal design is to create a unique atmosphere for the viewers. The last one located at the observatory inside the greenery. It differentiated with its glass structure infused with the surrounding. It generates a strange atmosphere for the cooking show. Neowe intends to integrate different type of cooking equipments for each space. Each unit has a unique character and a welcoming atmosphere created for the program makers, chefs, visitors, and online audiences.

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